VFRR RiskVictorian Fire Risk Register – Bushfire  (VFRR-B)

The Victorian Fire Risk Register - Bushfire (VFRR-B) is a process in which representatives from local government, fire services, public land managers, utilities and community groups map assets at risk from bushfire and assess the level of risk to the assets. Assets may include residential areas, children's services, hospitals, aged-care facilities, infrastructure, commercial industry, tourism events, and those that are culturally significant. Agency representatives also record the current treatments which are carried out to mitigate the risk to the asset. Treatments may include fire prevention, community education and hazard reduction.

The process has been facilitated in 66 of the 79 municipalities, 5 Alpine Resorts and French Island. Municipalities located in the metropolitan footprint do not require a bushfire risk assessment.

The VFRR-B supports and informs Municipal Fire Management Plans. A number of agencies are also using the VFRR-B as evidence based data to support their bushfire planning and decision making.

Country Fire Authority supports and manages the VFRR-B via a centralised support team that is based at Headquarters in Burwood East.

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