It’s that time of year again… 2020 VFRR-B Reviews

Traditionally annual reviews have been facilitated by a member of Risk Intelligence locally with each LGA. Whilst this option is not off the table, we will be encouraging you to review the data using VFRR Online in the first instance.  We would like to see more people taking advantage of this easy to use platform so Risk Intelligence can focus on improving VFRR-B data and outputs. 


We have commenced communication with all LGA’s regarding the annual review process for 2020.  A review checklist, flowchart and the comprehensive VFRR Online User manual to support this process are included in the communication to LGA’s. The manual is also available in the “Toolbox” section on VFRR Online.


The VFRR-B data is used to support and inform a variety of different fire management planning activities. For example, it is used by DHHS as written in their emergency preparedness policy for clients and services and informs the Department of Justice and Community Safety annual bushfire campaign. This is why it is important to maintain the currency of your VFRR-B data so it correctly informs evidence based decision making.