2019 VFRR-B Reviews - 10 years on - Consider Online Reviews

Victorian Fire Risk Register – Bushfire (VFRR-B) is to support and inform fire management planning by capturing assets at risk from bushfire. For almost 10 years now, it has been delivered to 67 LGAs, alpine resorts and French Island. These LGAs have all been through implementation and many are now in a monitor and review phase. An online system was established a number of years ago to provide stakeholders with 24/7 access to be able to view and edit VFRR-B data.

Traditionally the approach for the review process has always been a facilitated review, with member/s of the risk intelligence team coming out to facilitate the process. Whilst this option is definitely not off the table, we will be actively offering to people in the first instance to consider the online review. The online tool has been in existence for a few years now and we would like to see more people taking advantage of this easy to use platform. A comprehensive help document is available, and of course the Risk Intelligence team can come and offer some training on how to use it.

We do understand that some areas of the state may believe that the online review isn't appropriate, the Risk Intelligence team are more than happy to meet the needs of the LGA. Please contact the team to discuss.

It is extremely important to note, Risk Intelligence will continue to offer their ongoing support, with whichever approach an LGA decides.